Antenatal Care


Antenatal Care

  • Once a month to 7 months, you have to come here for a visit. Once you have reached your eighth month, you will come twice a month and once a week after that.
  • We investigate for basic things like hemoglobin, HIV to rule out any AIDS, HB electrophoresis to keep you away from a thalassemia state, and HBsAg, in order to rule out Hepatitis B. Many of these tests, are done for both husband and wife.
  • When you are in your first trimester, we screen your body for glucose to check diabetes, your blood pressure, and hemoglobin, give you the needful vaccinations like tetanus toxoid, flu vaccine, etc.
  • After 5 to 6 weeks, we confirm that there are proper signs of pregnancy and by the 7th week, we keep a check on your baby. We also do an NT scan to detect for Down’s Syndrome along with a growth scan in the 32nd week.
  • Borneo Hospital has services for various age groups. If you are 30 years old, we take your PAP test, self-breast examination, HPV test where we take the cervical cells to internally check them. This is done to know if you have HPV so you can begin treatment at an early stage.
  • For women in their 35 to 40 years and above will also get the benefits of such tests along with additional screening for hypertension, diabetes and get an overall lifestyle modification support from our doctors.
  • Visit Borneo for complete care!

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