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Borneo is India's fastest-growing Mother And Child Hospital, known for its devoted patient care, luxurious infrastructure and advanced technology.

Nimai Institute of Medical Sciences Private Limited (NIMS) was founded by its founder chairman Dr Santosh N. Madrewar, a renowned Pediatrician, who has designed an unique Mother and Child Health Concept, integrating modern medical management with Ayurvedic treatments and traditional Indian ethos making Pregnancy and Birthing a Joyous Celebrations and Child development focused on Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Well-being.

We at Borneo want make an impact on Mother and Child Health status in India and Developing World, so as to make our nation healthy and strong.

We aim at "बलसागर भारत होवो, विश्वात शोभुनी राहो॥"

We are here to make you successful and enhance your Joy

    Understanding the cause of, Problems of Neonatal, Paediatric and Adolescent Age, mostly lies in Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy and Childbirth, he has designed a Mother and Child Health Concept which he rightly named it as Borneo, which is based on his thinking that Pregnancy and Child Birth is not disease hence it should not be dealt in traditional hospitals where there is lot of pain, stress and hospital acquired infections, rather is is joy and it should be celebrated and enhanced. Hence he developed a Program named Borneo Experience Program, which is focused on making Pregnancy and Child Birth a Memorable Experience along with safety of mother and child both.

Tangibles: We take care of tangibles to give you confidence in our team of doctors and care providers

Assurance: Pregnant woman and parents are assured of good quality timely care by our care providers, so as to ease you of any stress or doubt of outcome.

Responsive: We assure our timely services through our responsive team so as to maintain TAT.

Empathetic: We are just not sympathetic we go beyond to serve you and delete you through our empathetic care.

Reliable: Its most reliable care at borneo, even if you step in at middle of night or on holiday you will find same level of care.

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