A Comprehensive Guide to Mid-trimester Targeted Scans in Pregnancy and How to Prepare for Them


Introduction: What is a Mid-trimester Targeted Scan?

  • Fetal anomaly scan looking for abnormalities that may cause miscarriage or poor development in the fetus Thyroid screen to evaluate baby's thyroid function
  • Ultrasound during pregnancy to check fetal thymus and cardiac function
  • Mid-trimester targeted scans are an important tool for detecting congenital heart defects in pregnancy. This type of ultrasound scan is used to assess the fetal health and identify any potential abnormalities that could affect the fetus’ development. It also provides maternal benefits, such as helping to detect placental abnormalities and other conditions that may affect the mother during pregnancy. By using advanced imaging technology, mid-trimester targeted scans can provide detailed information about the fetal anatomy and help to detect any potential congenital heart defects in a timely manner.

Amniocentesis- A procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid is drawn from the mother's uterus using a thin needle inserted through her abdomen and into the sac surrounding the baby. The sample obtained for this test is sent to a laboratory for analysis. This test may be performed on women who have had previous abnormal tests or have risk factors that would indicate an increased chance of having an abnormality in their baby.

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